Transforming the lives of youth at risk
and ex-offenders by successful
reintegration into society.


Help individuals to reach their life-goals and God-given potential, through life coaching. Train and support life-coaches and mentors. Establish strong networks that inspire partnership & collaboration.


MID-WAY espouses Christian values in every area of its operations. We passionately strive to restore the dignity & God-given potential of every human being.

We help Ex-offenders and Youth at Risk

The Coach Program that helps Ex-offenders and youth at risk was initially developed in Australia by the New Peninsula Baptist Church in 2003 and piloted in 2004. It has since been evaluated twice by Monash University. With the success of the Coach program proving how it can impact and change lives it quickly gained popularity and is now used in various countries.


Every year over 45,000 prisoners are released and more than 87% of these re-offend. With our help and by embarking on one of our programs the re-offence rate falls to less than 8%.



After completing the two weeks session with Mid-Way, I as a trained a registered accredited HWSETA facilitator in community health work have found the skills transfer from your organization very informative. The ability to reflect first on the Self and thereafter dealing with and supporting others has been a turning point in my life. As a member of government, I know this program will add value to the holistic development of the people. 

I have witnessed how members of society whom have no real academic background are able to grow with and into this program within such a short period of time. Their patients and willingness to be passionate about what they do, is indeed the foundation for others to grow on.

The presenters to this program Jaun and Vanessa have a vast majority of knowledge and bring advance practical experience to the development of our people. I believe given the necessary resources and support, this program will produce long lasting sustainable results.

Again, thanks to the facilitators – your hard work and consistency has definitely inspired me to set time aside and be an agent of change within my society.

The Life Coaching/Mentoring Training program through Mid-Way was a truly amazing experience.

I realized that I also needed this training to help me overcome the obstacles that’s been blocking me from the goals that I wanted to achieve. I asked myself “good questions” and based on this I could make a positive decision without having to contemplate whether I should do it or not. I no longer feel like a hostage in a bad situation where someone had to come to my rescue. I feel empowered and I am ready to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Thank you MIDWAY, Jaun and Vanessa for giving me the opportunity to find myself. IT HAD TO START WITH ME first.

I want to thank Mid-Way for your willingness to help our people in our community. We all come from different backgrounds but have the same ideas for our community. Because of the training that you gave us I see that there can come changes in our community. Through God’s grace I think that we can achieve goals because everything is possible with God if we stay positive and unite in what we are doing.